Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hunter vs. The Coffee Table

On January 19th, Hunter went to greet his daddy but instead, met the coffee table with his face. Poor baby. We ran him to the Minor Emergency Clinic. Mom and Dad were cool, calm, and collected the whole time. They glued our boy back together and all is well. He had and still has the remains of a pretty good shiner. For a few days, his eyelid was a lovely shade of purple. He has enjoyed showing people his "boo-boo" and getting sympathy. I am so thankful that his injury wasn't worse than it was. His angels were working overtime!

Several Days Later. Still quite swollen and check out that shiner!
Hunter got a new Elmo (Nano). He likes carrying Elmo in his pocket. Aunt Sassy put Elmo there, so that is where Hunt thinks Elmo should be. Elmo makes everything better. The interesting thing is that Hunter and his Momma will have matching scars now, in the same place.

Sea World Fun

Hunter and Daddy checking out the Clydesdales.

We went to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl and decided to take our sweet boy to Sea World. We had so much fun. He is still talking about Shamu jumping out of the water. He loved the horses. I'm sure no one is surprised about that! He had a blast feeding the sea lions and dolphins. We got to see parts of his favorite movie "Polar Express" (otherwise known as Choo-Choo 'Press) in 4D. He did great during the shows. We looked for Nemos in the aquarium. He was such a trooper! Love that kid!
Hunter wouldn't watch Shamu with anyone but Poppa.
I love the pure joy on this kids face. Notice the fish in his hand. He walked around for awhile with his head in the air and his mouth open, making the noises the sea lions were making.

Watching "Choo Choo 'Press" in 4d.
"Dolphins go?"
(One of my favorites!) Looking for Nemo.

Hunter was such a trooper, he got a special treat. He will bring me Shamu still and tell me that Ah-oo jumped out of the water.

Thank you God for this special experience with my sweet baby boy.