Tuesday, September 29, 2009

South Plains Fair 2009

We have made our annual trip to the fair. This was Hunter's second year to go. I left the good camera at home in my rush out the door. We were so excited to get there! Seriously, you can't beat free tickets. I took a few pictures with my phone so the pictures aren't great quality.

My first stop as we walk in the gate is always the fried pie booth. I get two apricot fried pies. It is best to eat one immediately and save one for breakfast the next day. It was delicious this morning, by the way. Our next stop was corn dogs. Hunter and Momma shared a corn dog. We consider South Plains Fair corn dogs our warm-up for Fletchers corn dogs at the State Fair, which we will be going to on Saturday! Lemonades (regular for me, strawberry for Jimmy), roasted corn for Jimmy (and a cup of roasted corn for Hunter, see, I'm a good momma and make sure he has veggies, even at the fair.), finally, carmel apples for dessert. We were stuffed to the core.

Our two goals, besides eating, were seeing the tractors and horses. We visited the tractors three times and let Hunter "drive" them. Hunter has become fascinated with keys, but only keys with remotes on them. No baby keys for my boy. He held Jimmy's keys and tried to start the tractors. He turned all of the knobs and levers and steering wheels. He "drove" probably a dozen tractors.

As you know, horses are one of Hunter's favorite things in the world, except last night. He was not a happy camper in the petting zoo, which we figured he would love. His little lip started trembling and he was holding tight to mom and dad. He wasn't even happy looking at the chickens. We couldn't even walk into the cow's and horses' barn. Oh well. Hopefully this fear will pass before Saturday. I will not forget my camera then and will share that experience with you in my next post.

Thank you God for time with my boys and for yummy yummy food.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Horses and Hunter

This picture pretty much sums up our Saturday. What a fun day we had, despite the rain.

Jimmy went to Wyoming/South Dakota for a Texas football game and some incredible sightseeing. Hunter and I stayed at Granna and Poppa's house Friday night. Saturday morning, we got up early and took Hunter to see one of his favorite things in the entire world. . . horses. Since going to the races last Memorial Day, H has loved the "sorce" or, more recently, the "ho-wus". The Cowboy Symposium was in town and they were doing a horse parade. We just couldn't pass up the chance to take H to see the horses. We weren't exactly sure where to go, so we drove through downtown. Just as I was about to turn onto Main Street, we looked to our left and the horses were about a block away. We parked and jumped out of the car. We had the whole parade almost to ourselves. The cowboys and cowgirls all waved at Hunter and said, "good morning!" He smiled and waved the whole time. I love that he held onto his little horse the whole time. What a blessing to share this time with my kid seeing the excitement and joy on his tiny face!

After the parade, we drove to the Civic Center and ran into the parade again. We watched it for a second time. He loved it just as much then! My silly goose found a coil of bright orange tube that was running near the street we were sitting on. He climbed on it and started riding it like a horse. So smart! That picture will have to come later. I didn't get it on my camera. I think Granna got it though. There is nothing like seeing my kiddo smile and laugh and enjoy the world!

Sitting on the curb watching the horses.

H holding his ho-wus and watching all of the big horses. He looks too big here!

I love the look on his face!

Momma, Hunter, and Granna at the horse parade. (Look carefully at Hunter's face. What a clown!)

After the horse parade, we headed out to Idalou for the Apple Butter Festival. It rained on the drive out, but we hoped the rain was heading away from us. As we paid and walked it, in started pouring!! Not just a little sprinkle, but the sky opened up. We made our way over the petting zoo, umbrellas in hand. There were rabbits and sheep. Hunter had no fear as he stuck his little hand in the pen. We ate a yummy lunch of BBQ sandwiches, potato salad, and beans. We had some apple turnovers, which would have been better warm, but were still "num" as Hunter says. As the rain stopped, we walked around a little more. There wasn't just a ton to see, but we got to experience it, mud and all. Again, Granna got some good pictures that I didn't get. I've already drowned one camera this year. I kept mine in a nice dry place this time it rained!

We headed home after a full morning of fun and took a nice long nap. Granna, Poppa, and I headed to the Tech game while our sweet Aunt Jody watched Hunter. She thinks he is pretty smart. She said he talked all night, which is no surprises to any of us! (I think he gets it from his daddy!) They had a fun time!

Jimmy is home now and we have had a restful Sunday. All three of us took 2 naps today. That doesn't happen very often! We are glad to be back together again for many many more adventures.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Hunter's new thing: kisses for his ouchy bobos. He has just recently started pointing to his ouchies and making his kissy face. After I kiss the place that hurts many many times, he switches arms, legs, hands, etc. and asks for kisses again. Then, back to the first ouchy for some more loving. Have I mentioned that I love this kid?